Assessment and grading criteria

Assessment and grading criteria

This sheet shows me what I need to do to get my grade to a distinction level.

1. I need to make sure I screenshot my design work and upload it to wordpress to show I have actually done the work.

2. When explaining my design work I need to talk about the target audience and why my design fits in with them.

3.When im reviewing my work I need to say what worked and what didn’t to make sure I improve when I do my next design.

Quick experimental design

Quick experimental design

This is a quick experimental design I did to see what the album would look with a photo on it. Just did some basic editing to Asap to make the photo look my own. I will be doing more designs but like I said this is a basic one that only took me a few minutes and not my own photo.

Here are three music covers. One is of his album ‘Long Live ASAP’ and the other two are specific to a song due to the fact he has only released one album.

1. Long Live Asap



-What band and style of music is the cover for?

The cover has been designed in a way so that the people that listen to Asap will find it interesting and not something that is totally irrelevant to the music. The genre of music is rap therefore it is aimed at the people that listen to this music.

-What things/ style/ Art movement have inspired the design?

Asap Rocky is from the New York neighbourhood known as Harlem. This is where he and his friends created the A$AP Mob and they have pretty much created a fashion movement across the world with the way they dress and the style of their music. The cover shows asap rocky wrapped in the American flag showing people that america is part of him and obviously harlem has effected the cover of this album. This cover is suitable for the target audience because it looks cool and modern. The design of the cover would attract people not because it is bright and stands out because it doesn’t but because the cover is interesting and different from other rappers.

-What techniques have been used to create it?

The main feature of this cover is the photo of asap in the flag and then it has been edited I’m guessing on photoshop to create the broken television effect with the lines going across the screen.

-Why do you think the imagery or type has been chosen?

I think the photo has been chosen to show that america has played a part in his music. The type is very basic and I think this works really well but I also think it has been used to stop the attention leaving the photo.

-What is your favourite part of the design?

My favourite part of the design is the photo of Asap rocky because that is the main feature of the cover but I do also really like how the name of the album has been put onto the cover I think it works really well and look good.

-How has this cover inspired you? What could you use in your design?

The cover has inspired me a lot because I am going to be taking photos for my album cover aswell in the same style as this but I will not directly copy this image because I want mine to be unique and different.

2. Asap Rocky – Peso


-What things/ style/ Art movement have inspired the design?

This cover photo is influenced by the song ‘Peso’ In the music video of the song the colour purple is a main colour and used in it a lot so therefore the song cover has featured the colour purple on it. Again the same as the last cover Asap has included the american flag into this song cover and is the most eye catching things on it.

-What techniques have been used to create it?

Again the cover is just a photo that has been set up and then edited on photoshop to adjust the colours and add the name of the song.

-What is your favourite part of the design?

I do really like the purple flag because it adds colour to the black and white image which works really well. Also Asap is wearing all black and all of his surroundings are white therefore he stands out from the rest of the photo.

-How has this cover inspired you? What could you use in your design?

The main thing  that i’m taking away from this song cover is the selective colours I think that it would look really good on my cover idea.

3. Asap Rocky – Goldie



-What things/ style/ Art movement have inspired the design?

The main things that have influenced the design of this cover are fashion and money. This is pretty much what the song is about therefore they have incorporated that into the design of the cover.

-What techniques have been used to create it?

To create this cover they have taken a photo of asap painted gold which is a possibility but they may have just edited the photo on photoshop to make the image of him look golden using the paint tools and then adjusting the image to make it look like he is actually gold. Then then added the font over the top of the image.

-What is your favourite part of the design?

My favourite part of the design is the photo of asap. I think it works well because it is different from other album covers and I haven’t personally seen anything else like this.

-How has this cover inspired you? What could you use in your design?

The changing of the colour is interesting and I may try something like this when I am creating my own cover but I don’t think I will end up using the idea because it won’t fit in with what I have got planned.

Poster for the Artist and my plans

Whats found on music posters.

We have been given the task of designing a poster for our chosen artist along with the album cover and booklet. I have done some research on posters for various artists which im looking at and i’ve found out that the posters tend to be the same or similar to the album cover. Also the posters tend to be promoting their album or shows at the time they are published. For example if one artist was doing a show in london just after they released a new album the poster will be designed in realation to those things so it would include something about the album, the fact that he/she is performing in london and there tends to be a photo of the actual artist.

The design of music posters.

The poster is designed with the genre of music in mind. For example if the poster was for hiphop/rap then the designs on the poster would relate to that genre of music and lifestyle. The things you would see on these posters obviously also relate to the group of people they are about for example if a singer sung a song about flowers the people designing the poster would probably put flowers on it because it relates to the song. Some of the posters I have looked at are very different from the fact some are very basic with just an image and small text and then some are very detailed with lots of different things on them but they both work as well as each other.

My plans for my poster.

I am going to be designing a poster for one of the artists ive listed below in the post before this but I haven’t decided which one yet. I am going to have to collect my own images for this poster because I dont want to be copying any of the existing designs out there. I have a camera that I will use to capture photos of someone dressed in a certain way for the main part of my poster. Once I have my photo I will then use photoshop to edit it and make it look better for the poster then I will add the name of the album and singer. I don’t want there to be to much on the poster I want it to be basic because I think that works really well.

Album Cover Examples

Album Cover Examples

Here are a few examples of some album covers that I will use to inspire me when I am creating my own for one of the artists. As you can see from the covers they all vary in design and not on of them is similar. The main things I can pick up from these covers are that everyone of them has a photograph on the front of the artist and each one also has obviously the name of the album but not everyone has it as the main feature such as Big Sean’s album cover where the photograph takes up the majority of the cover then the name is in a small font underneath him. A few of them are very basic which works really well whereas some of the others have been edited a lot to get the outcome they wanted but again this works well.

List of the Albums


2. Tyga – Hotel California

3. Tyler the Creator – Wolf

4. Wiz Khalifa – O.N.I.F.C

5. Big Sean – Hall of Fame

6. Mac Miller – Watching movies with the lights off

7. Ne-Yo – Because of You

8. Earl Sweatshirt – Doris

9. Swedish House Mafia – Until Now

10. Chris Brown – Fortune

11. A$AP Ferg – Traplord

12. Wiz Khalifa – Rolling Papers

New topic: Designing Album Art

We have been given the task to design album art, a poster relating to our artist and the booklet inside the cd case for an artist of our choice. I have been briefed to research art from various artist to get inspiration my own design.

Firstly I will provide some research for my chosen artist showing the style of the music and some of the various existing album art to show the style the artist uses.

I will then gather some primary data to go with my research.

I have to consider the audience of the music and make my design fit in with the group of people that like the music.