Front Cover Design 1

Front Cover Design 1

Here is the front cover again without the image of asap. I have the names of other artists and groups printed on the cover to make it more interesting to look at. I have a plain white background with a smokey image over the top that I made 40% transparent. The name of the magazine ‘ASAP’ is in black to make it stand out from everything else.

T Shirt 2 (development)

T Shirt 2 (development)

This is my second t shirt development. This t shirt is a massive improvement on my previous design. I have kept the stars on the front of the tee but have rearranged them and placed them around the neck of the t shirt instead of running down both sides. I have changed the main colour of the tee to black from grey and the stars and writing to white to make it stand out more. I have moved the main ‘ASAP’ logo from the bottom of the tee to the top and then written some tour destinations on the back with the worldwide logo splitting the type and making it look more interesting. I took inspiration from other t shirts to make this design but I think it looks and works well and that the people that listen to Asap Rocky will wear this.

T Shirt 1 (development)

T Shirt 1 (development)

This is my first development of my t shirts and I have changed a few things from my first design. I have changed the main colour of the t shirt to a very light grey. This is good because the colour of the writing which is black stands out against the light grey t shirt making it easier to read. I added ‘Rocky’ to the bottom of the shirt to ad something else to look at instead of it being plain and I also added the “ASAP Worldwide logo’ to the front of the tee. I will do my own design of the logo to make it my own but i’m using this one for now

T Shirt Design 2

T Shirt Design 2

Here is my second t shirt design. I have ‘ASAP’ printed at the bottom of the shirt so you know it is for his brand. I made the ‘VSVP’ myself by turning a ‘V’ upside down for the ‘A’ and added little black dots to add some detail and cross off the ‘A’. On the front of the shirt I have two lines of stars which represents the stars on the american flag because ASAP Rocky is an american rapper. I also have a little label on the sleeve which says ‘Asap’ again to show the brand. The back is looking too plain at the moment so in my development I will change this and add something to make it more interesting to look at.

T Shirt Design 1 (Part 2)

T Shirt Design 1 (Part 2)

This t shirt is an improvement on the last t shirt I uploaded to wordpress which was in development but I decided to completely rearrange it and make it look like this instead. The t shirt is black so I made the type white so that it stands out and can be seen easily. It’s laid out as if it was a American football jersey with the numbers on the back and arms and then the name above the number on the back.