Poster Design 1

Poster Design 1

Here is my first complete poster that is advertising the ‘Nike Huarache’ For this poster I stuck with the monochrome colours throughout the whole design. First of all I placed the shoe in the middle of the A4 page using rulers to position it directly in the middle of the page (portrait the landscape positioning is slightly moved towards the bottom of the page) I then placed my title the ‘Nike Huarache’ that I designed myself and laid out with the nike logo and the connection on the ‘N’ and ‘H’ which I think looks interesting yet it’s simple. I then added the writing, nike logo and link at the bottom of the page to add more detail to the poster. I used rulers again to lay all this out so it’s evenly spaced apart and centred on the page. After that I added the grey and white gradient on the background. I experimented with a few different shades of grey which resulted in me changing the colour of the title from white to black and the way it is now is definitely the best combination of colours. I do really like the simple look when it comes to posters because it looks high class and the information is simple and easy to understand. I think this poster works well for the target audience because it’s to the point and easy to read. It’s a simple stylish design which poeple my age do like.

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