Poster Design 2

Poster Design 2

Here is my second poster design. As you can see from the images and colours the base theme for this poster is a watermelon. I came across this idea by accident when I was experimenting with colours on the shoe and background. First of all I placed the two shoes on the page and experimented with positioning and angles until I came to this final decision which you can see. I then changed the colour of the page to red just as an experiment and the shoes were already coloured green so the watermelon idea popped into my head. After I had the watermelon theme going on I changed the colours of the shoes to red and green and applied a gradient red to green on the background. I then designed and made my own watermelons using the shape tools then duplicated it and placed the two how they are laid out on the page now. I then added the line gradient you can see on the left of the poster which works really well and adds a lot more detail to the poster. Finally I added my title onto a black background and placed it in the middle of the page. This design works well because of how brightly coloured it is therefore it would attract people over to look at it. Also my target audience being people ranging from 16-25 would like this poster because it is creative, colourful and different.

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