Project Conclusion

To conclude this project I have learnt a lot about designing posters and illustration from my research. I have created three posters which I am very happy with especially one. I have stuck to my brief fairly well creating the shoes and and designing them, editing etc. I said I was going to do more typography  in my brief but I kinda moved away from that for a few reasons. I wanted to focus more on the shoe design itself and show off my illustration skills with my drawings and I found it fun to draw the shoes and edit them on photoshop and i’m really proud of my outcome.  Another reason as I started to design my posters I felt like I didn’t need to do anymore typography for them and I was happy with the layout of words I had alreasy designed. It seemed to fit in with all the posters well and looked sleek and modern with the connection of the two letters and the nike swoosh postioned about the ‘Huarache’ it all just seemed to fit in well. I also realised typography really isn’t my strong point I did experiment with some on paper and I couldn’t get it to look good and I didn’t want to ruin my posters with typography I drew out that didnt’t look good just to say I’ve covered typography. I wanted a clean finish and with the piece I created on photoshop that’s what I got and i’m happy with that.

As this is my last project I will be doing for my media course I am very happy with the work I’ve produced and I have enjoyed all of it.

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