Part 3 of the Story Board (Epimetheus and Pandora)

Part 3 of the Story Board (Epimetheus and Pandora)

This is the third part of my story strip is when Epimetheus (Prometheus’s Brother) and Pandora fall in love with each other. This is Zeus’ plan to punish the humans for accepting fire from prometheus by giving pandora to the with the box full of evil and sickening things that will plague the world when the box is opened. When Pandora was created she was created with curiosity and then told not to look in the box which made her want to look in the box so it was only a matter of time before she opened it and released all of the evil into the world. I have shown them falling in love with the two standing with each other outside his house with hearts floating above theirs heads. This is something you would see in a comic book and I think works well with he sketchy look. The house that they are standing in front of I drew myself and then edited it on photoshop by adding filters and making it look more sketchy.

Part 2 of the Story Board (Anger of Zeus)

Part 2 of the Story Board (Anger of Zeus)

Here is the second part of the story board that I am making for my final piece. In this photo you can see the greek god Zeus enraged at the fact Prometheus has given the humans fire. Zeus had taken away the use of fire from them in the past as a punishment but Prometheus has given back the use against Zeus’ will.In this image I have created you see Zeus inside his temple which I made look dark and to add the fear factor into the image. I then added lightning bolts around him to show his anger and rage. I added a blue glow around the temple that would occur from the lightning bolts.

Part 1 of the Story Board (Giving of Fire)

Part 1 of the Story Board (Giving of Fire)

This is the first image I have on my story board which represnts the part in the story where Prometheus gives the humans fire. I’ve represented this with his hand handing out fire to the people of Greece which are crowding around his hand willing to accept his gift of the element. I got a photo of a hand then added a fire texture onto it to make it look like he is holding the fire. I then added in the figures and the background with the ‘cutout’ filter on all of them. I’ve done this throughout all of my designs to give it that comic/cartoon look which I think works well. I also added an orange glow around the girls faces that is produced by the fire.

Narrative Artwork 2

Narrative Artwork 2

The name of this painting is ‘The Great Day of his Wrath’ and it was painted by John Martin in 1851-3. John was born near Hexham in Northumberland. John painted this using oil paints. The thing that most interests me about this painting are the colours of the lava and the clouds I think John has done pretty well to get the colour of the lava to reflect on the smoke and clouds. I like the whole painting I think it’s got a lot of character.

The painting creates a very dark mood with fear mixed in with it. You can see the people along the foreground trying to escape the ‘Wrath of God’ He has purposely used dark colours to show the death in the photo and then the orange for the lava which stands out the most against the black background. The style of this artwork is abstract. John has made the destruction the biggest feature of this painting because that’s what the story of the painting is about and that needs to stand out from everything else.

John used oil paints to paint this painting. I think the artist chose to use the oil paints because he was talented with using them. He could also create certain effects in the clouds smudging the painting and mixing it with the two colours to produce the reflection of the lava. I don’t think you could produce such a fine piece of art using any other media, I just don’t think the quality would be to this standard.

This piece of art compared to the ‘Joan of Arc’ piece is very similar in the way that it is painted because both artists have used oil paints. The story of the two paintings are completely different and you can tell this just by looking at them but both have religious parts to them. I think with the name the message of the painting is clear and that if you open your mind you will be able to work out a lot from the paintings.

Narrative Artwork

Narrative Artwork

This is a painting of Joan of Arc in what looks like a back garden of a house. The garden looks mystical and overgrown which adds more detail to the painting. If you look at the house you can see a man and what looks like an two angels faintly against the house. This painting creates a eerie mood and looks like she’s travelling from the light into darkness which could. I think the artwork is interesting and the longer you look at it the more things you’ll discover and get from it. I like the angels and the man in the background

Jules Bastien-Lepage was the painter who painted Joan of Arc in the garden. He lived for 38 years (November 1, 1848 – December 10, 1884) He lived in France and painted the painting in 1879.

The artwork is a painting of Joan of Arc in her parent’s back garden. The painting is showing the moment that Joan of Arc had her ‘divine revelation in her parent’s back garden’ The style of the artwork is realistic and also imaginary in my opinion. Realistic because it’s a painting of Joan and she’s in the back garden but then imaginary because there are the three angels in the background. You have Joan in the foreground of the image so that you focus mainly on her and the colours brighten up as you move along to the background and see the angels. The roof of the house are the leading lines to the angels. The artist has used dark colours in the forest to represent the darkness and shroud and then as you go towards the background the artist has used light colours to represent the angels and purity.

The artist has used oil paints to create this painting. I think the artist chose to use oil paints because he was good at painting with them and he could create some nice effects smudging the paint etc. I think the oil painting has worked well for this painting because of the range of colours and detail also you have to remember this was painted in 1879 so there were no computers, cameras or anything he could of used to create the image. I could recreate the same effect by painting an image using oil paints myself.