Logo Process

Logo Process

Here is my logo which I designed myself. it’s very basic so there’s not much I can show or talk about but here it is.

1. I found a font on the internet and I overlaid it using the magic wand tool and then filled the ares with a colour. In this instance I used black because it was the best colour to show it in.

2. I added an underline to square off the letters and make it look neater.

3. I added the classic nike ‘swoosh’ logo onto the top right of the writing because I felt like it was looking a bit bland and boring. Again I did this by overlaying the nike logo with the magic wand tool and then I filled it with the colour I wanted and if I wanted to use it again i would duplicate it.

Poster Processes

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 10.06.46

1. Above is the process I went through to create my watermelon advertisement poster.

1. I experimented with various gradients on the background and can up with what you can see. I done a red to green gradient on the very back and then a green line gradient on top of the red side so it contrasted nicely.

2. I then added my watermelon design. I showed one of the watermelons incomplete so that you could see I had created them myself and I also added the photoshop bar showing all the layers of the watermelons.

3. I then introduced the shoes to the poster. I’ve explained how I designed the shoes in a previous post so I won’t say again pther than I changed the colour of them to green and red.

4. To finish off I added my title which I also created on photoshop myself.


Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 10.16.07

2. Here is my second poster design and the process of it

1. I again the same as the previous poster experimented with gradients using the gradient tool. I came to the conclusion of having metal colours on the back a light grey fading into white.

2. I placed my shoe design in the centre of the page and same as last time changed the colour of it to match the theme of the poster.

3. I added my title design to it.

4. I added some text which I centred on the page using ruler lines and also added a nike swoosh and a website.


Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 10.22.11


3. My final posters process.

1. I started off with adding all the different coloured boxes to the page using pale colours throughout.

2. I then added my shoe design again which I again edited for this design. I made the whole shoe white apart from the bottom which is black and you can also see a faint black outline of the shoe which works well so you can still see the structure of it.

3. I then added my title design and made it the colour white instead of black because it fit in with the lighter colours better.

4. I have shown a few of my layers for this design so you could see that I experimented with different designs before coming to the conclusion of the poster above.

Project Conclusion

To conclude this project I have learnt a lot about designing posters and illustration from my research. I have created three posters which I am very happy with especially one. I have stuck to my brief fairly well creating the shoes and and designing them, editing etc. I said I was going to do more typography  in my brief but I kinda moved away from that for a few reasons. I wanted to focus more on the shoe design itself and show off my illustration skills with my drawings and I found it fun to draw the shoes and edit them on photoshop and i’m really proud of my outcome.  Another reason as I started to design my posters I felt like I didn’t need to do anymore typography for them and I was happy with the layout of words I had alreasy designed. It seemed to fit in with all the posters well and looked sleek and modern with the connection of the two letters and the nike swoosh postioned about the ‘Huarache’ it all just seemed to fit in well. I also realised typography really isn’t my strong point I did experiment with some on paper and I couldn’t get it to look good and I didn’t want to ruin my posters with typography I drew out that didnt’t look good just to say I’ve covered typography. I wanted a clean finish and with the piece I created on photoshop that’s what I got and i’m happy with that.

As this is my last project I will be doing for my media course I am very happy with the work I’ve produced and I have enjoyed all of it.

Favourite poster

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 12.19.17

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 11.55.38 Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 10.43.03 Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 12.19.17

Out of the three posters I have designed my favourite is my ‘Nike Watermelon Huaraches’ Poster. I’m really happy with the outcome of the poster and it’s design. It’s my favourite poster i’ve ever designed due to the fact it just looks really clean and precise. I’m also proud of the fact I didn’t get any images off the interent to make these posters other than the nike swoosh which I edited myself anyway. I drew the shoe by hand and fully edited it using photoshop so I could manipulate the image as much as I wanted without having to redraw the whole shoe out again by hand. I also created the watermelons on the posted using the shape tools on photo shop and the outcome of those im’m happy with. I like the fact they look cartoonised but just fit in really well with the shoes. I love the loine gradient on the background as well which I created by accident using the gradient tool. I experiemented I lot with it and also experiemented a lot with the whole gradient of the background using various colours and angles of the gradient but I finally came to the conclusion in which you can see and in my opion it works well and looks great.

Poster Design 3

Poster Design 3

Here is my third and final poster design. I have taken a colourful, pop art approach to this poster design as you can see I have different coloured tiles using pastel, pale colours along with the white in the shoe and title. I tiled the shoe on the tiles which I think works well. Out of the three posters I have designed this is my second favourite. I like it because it’s colourful and different but I think it need to be tweaked because I feel like something is missing and I can’t quite put my finger on it. If I figure it out I will edit it and upload it again in this post the improved version. To create this poster I used rulers to mark out where I would place all of the squares on the page so they all lined up properly. I then got my shoe design and edited black and white with the certain parts missing so the shoe would have the background colour on it. I placed the shoe centered on each tile. I then added a tile that I would place my title on and experimented using the title I have now and just a nike swoosh that I designed but I thought this version looked a lot better.

Poster Design 2

Poster Design 2

Here is my second poster design. As you can see from the images and colours the base theme for this poster is a watermelon. I came across this idea by accident when I was experimenting with colours on the shoe and background. First of all I placed the two shoes on the page and experimented with positioning and angles until I came to this final decision which you can see. I then changed the colour of the page to red just as an experiment and the shoes were already coloured green so the watermelon idea popped into my head. After I had the watermelon theme going on I changed the colours of the shoes to red and green and applied a gradient red to green on the background. I then designed and made my own watermelons using the shape tools then duplicated it and placed the two how they are laid out on the page now. I then added the line gradient you can see on the left of the poster which works really well and adds a lot more detail to the poster. Finally I added my title onto a black background and placed it in the middle of the page. This design works well because of how brightly coloured it is therefore it would attract people over to look at it. Also my target audience being people ranging from 16-25 would like this poster because it is creative, colourful and different.

Poster Design 1

Poster Design 1

Here is my first complete poster that is advertising the ‘Nike Huarache’ For this poster I stuck with the monochrome colours throughout the whole design. First of all I placed the shoe in the middle of the A4 page using rulers to position it directly in the middle of the page (portrait the landscape positioning is slightly moved towards the bottom of the page) I then placed my title the ‘Nike Huarache’ that I designed myself and laid out with the nike logo and the connection on the ‘N’ and ‘H’ which I think looks interesting yet it’s simple. I then added the writing, nike logo and link at the bottom of the page to add more detail to the poster. I used rulers again to lay all this out so it’s evenly spaced apart and centred on the page. After that I added the grey and white gradient on the background. I experimented with a few different shades of grey which resulted in me changing the colour of the title from white to black and the way it is now is definitely the best combination of colours. I do really like the simple look when it comes to posters because it looks high class and the information is simple and easy to understand. I think this poster works well for the target audience because it’s to the point and easy to read. It’s a simple stylish design which poeple my age do like.

Advertisment Poster Research

Here are 3 different advertisment posters for three different iconic brands. This is research of some product posters so that I can see how they lay out their posters and what they actually have on them and maybe take some of the ideas and incorporate them into my own designs and posters.

Nike advertisment




Above I have three very different nike advertisement posters. The main thing that I notice throughout the three posters is that they all have the logo on. Which obviously you would expect when promoting the brand. The all also have a little slogan ‘This shoe works if you do’ ‘Just do it’ a classic from the nike brand and ‘Eat our dust’. Maybe I could add one of these slogans into my work to add a little bit more interest to it and make the person looking at the poster remember what it is. I do like all the three posters but my favourite of the three is the first one. I am defininetly going to take inspiration from it, I love how it is laid out with the bold basic title at the top of the page. A clear image of what the poster is promoting and then a little bit about the product  finished up with the logo underneath.


Adidas Adverts




Above are another three posters but this time they are from another brand giant ‘Adidas’ I think what works so well between the posters I have selected are the fact that they are all quite simple and again straight to the point. All the adverts are on plain backgrounds are there is not a lot of information that clutters the page, it is just easy to read and straight to the point using only vital information the person reading the poster wants to know. I especially like the second one and how they have made the shoe into a landscape which is interesting. I guess it could represent the roots of adidas brand and that could be their first shoe design? I also like the third image and how they have contrasted one of their old football boots with a one of the brand new ones with a simple transistion down the middle of the page. I may take some of this into consideration when designing my poster.







Here are the last three posters that I have been looking at. I selected shoe brands because I am doing an advert for a shoe so it is good to look at these posters. New balance has some interesting adverts ranging from the first one I have shown to the minimalistic one with just the outline of the shoe and the brands logo. The first poster is similar to the nike poster but also different. In my opinion nike has laid it’s poster out better than this one because the new balance poster to me looks too cramped and like there is too much on the page whereas the nike one does also include the information but it’s laid out in a more aesthetically pleasing way. I quite like the third image and how they placed a city on the sole of the shoe. I’m guessing it’s metaphorical that their shoe runs the city and is the best.


After looking at all of these different brands posters it has given me a few ideas for my own. I think I really need to design a logo to go on the poster because it seems to me like it’s an essential thing for the brand. Also layout I really like the layout of the first nike photo so I will take inspiration from that and apply it to my own work.

Experiment 1

Experiment 1

Here is my first experiment. I based it on an old paper/scroll map theme. It’s nothing to do with shoes but I thought it would be interesting to experiment with these designs and incorporate them into the shoe. As you can see I went with out scraps of paper between the cuts I laid out on the shoe. I used these purely because I thought it would be an interesting material to use. I then coloured the rest of the shoe different shades of brown that were on the paper so it all looked nice and complimented each other. I then added a paper texture over the main parts of the shoe the same way as I explained in my previous post. These posts are just focusing on the shoe not on the whole image that’s why the background is just a plain solid colour.