Advertisment Poster Research

Here are 3 different advertisment posters for three different iconic brands. This is research of some product posters so that I can see how they lay out their posters and what they actually have on them and maybe take some of the ideas and incorporate them into my own designs and posters.

Nike advertisment




Above I have three very different nike advertisement posters. The main thing that I notice throughout the three posters is that they all have the logo on. Which obviously you would expect when promoting the brand. The all also have a little slogan ‘This shoe works if you do’ ‘Just do it’ a classic from the nike brand and ‘Eat our dust’. Maybe I could add one of these slogans into my work to add a little bit more interest to it and make the person looking at the poster remember what it is. I do like all the three posters but my favourite of the three is the first one. I am defininetly going to take inspiration from it, I love how it is laid out with the bold basic title at the top of the page. A clear image of what the poster is promoting and then a little bit about the product  finished up with the logo underneath.


Adidas Adverts




Above are another three posters but this time they are from another brand giant ‘Adidas’ I think what works so well between the posters I have selected are the fact that they are all quite simple and again straight to the point. All the adverts are on plain backgrounds are there is not a lot of information that clutters the page, it is just easy to read and straight to the point using only vital information the person reading the poster wants to know. I especially like the second one and how they have made the shoe into a landscape which is interesting. I guess it could represent the roots of adidas brand and that could be their first shoe design? I also like the third image and how they have contrasted one of their old football boots with a one of the brand new ones with a simple transistion down the middle of the page. I may take some of this into consideration when designing my poster.







Here are the last three posters that I have been looking at. I selected shoe brands because I am doing an advert for a shoe so it is good to look at these posters. New balance has some interesting adverts ranging from the first one I have shown to the minimalistic one with just the outline of the shoe and the brands logo. The first poster is similar to the nike poster but also different. In my opinion nike has laid it’s poster out better than this one because the new balance poster to me looks too cramped and like there is too much on the page whereas the nike one does also include the information but it’s laid out in a more aesthetically pleasing way. I quite like the third image and how they placed a city on the sole of the shoe. I’m guessing it’s metaphorical that their shoe runs the city and is the best.


After looking at all of these different brands posters it has given me a few ideas for my own. I think I really need to design a logo to go on the poster because it seems to me like it’s an essential thing for the brand. Also layout I really like the layout of the first nike photo so I will take inspiration from that and apply it to my own work.

Experiment 1

Experiment 1

Here is my first experiment. I based it on an old paper/scroll map theme. It’s nothing to do with shoes but I thought it would be interesting to experiment with these designs and incorporate them into the shoe. As you can see I went with out scraps of paper between the cuts I laid out on the shoe. I used these purely because I thought it would be an interesting material to use. I then coloured the rest of the shoe different shades of brown that were on the paper so it all looked nice and complimented each other. I then added a paper texture over the main parts of the shoe the same way as I explained in my previous post. These posts are just focusing on the shoe not on the whole image that’s why the background is just a plain solid colour.

Huarache Purple finished

Huarache Purple finished

Here is my other shoe design finalised. Now it is time to start working on some typography and other designs. I have done the same thing to this design that I did to the previous shoe I uploaded but this time I just used a different texture which looks nice and has worked well. I got the image off the internet, I then lowered the opacity of it to about 50% and then rubbed out the parts of the image I didn’t need and the above image is the outcome of that.

Blue Huarache Finished

Blue Huarache Finished

Here is the final design of the blue shoe I drew. I added textures from the actual shoe and laid them over the top of my drawing with a 50% opacity and I also drew on the stitching which is poorly done due to the fact my mouse skills are not perfect but from a distance the stitching looks fine. I could print this image off a do the stitching by hand and then upload it to the computer again. I now need to add some typography and a background to this for it to be completed.

Edited Drawings (part 1)

Edited Drawings (part 1)

I took my drawings and edited the colours on photoshop to make them more of a vibrant purple and blue so that they would stand out more against the background. I do like how these have come out and I will use them as bases for my finished shoes. I will add textures, shadows etc as a next step to finalise the shoe.